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all plugged up SUPER POST

Been slacking on posting the videos to the blog, so here's what we've released so far for your free enjoyment. If you'd like to support, you can purchase All Plugged Up AND THE LEAK in download format for $5 by CLICKING HERE

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WHOOPS!!! that thats out of the way...check out the latest and greatest from the only filmer who was born with a tri-pod.

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All Plugged UP?

Rumor has it that Parker Duke may or may not be bringing the fire with an ender part in All Plugged Up....

...oh wait...its already been brought!!! Yeah Parker! Fucking sexy!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Camp of Champions Session A

Check out the recap from the first week of camp up in Whistler.

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We have a bunch of DVDs laying around that we want to get rid of, so we're offering them to you at a VERY reduced price! (prices include standard postage/shipping)

$5 - workplay. (2006/2007)

$10 - not bad! (2008/2009)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

dis wuz da wurst

ok heres the story -
we went to this rail during a rail trip in western new york and it was our second day going back to it. its got a pretty cool history since it was hebbels opener and ender of his love/hate part, and it was in a few other videos that we all grew up watching. While we started out with high hopes and good spirits that day, things began to take a turn for the worse. the snow was starting to melt a little bit due to the crazy east coast weather patterns and we werent sure how long it would last that day. matty mo was taking it easy because of a minor injury from the day before, but ben farrell and myself had some big tricks planned. i got a different trick pretty quick and wanted to get the cab 270 really bad. ben was trying fs180 sw nosepress also, which would have been his ender shot easily. about 45 minutes into the session ben committed a little too hard and tacoed, catching his arm on a support in the process. snap. he breaks his arm in half and needs to be rushed to the hospital. since we didnt have enough room to fit everyone in the car, mark dangler and I decided to stay so i could keep trying to get my trick. pretty soon after they leave it starts pouring rain. you cant really tell from the footage but it rained for the rest of the time we were there. by this point i am freaking out because my friend pretty much just ended his season and I am left trying to battle this rail by myself. i definitely started to go a little crazy and have never gotten this frustrated before. the rail also has a couple weird things about it that can prevent getting your trick pretty easily. first off, the stairs are wood which is always nice, but they also were angled towards the rail, so if you ride down those bad boys you gotta avoid riding into one of the many supports. the other main flaw was that the landing is uphill, and that combined with the high speed you end up with at the end of the rail makes it really hard to ride away from. not to mention that theres 35 stairs that you have to walk up everytime. anyways, i ended up trying this trick anywhere from 150-200 tries by myself, in the pouring rain, while my friend was being rushed to the hospital. the last fall left me with pretty bruised up elbows and knees, and a severely bruised ego. i can honestly say that this was my least favorite day of snowboarding, ever. heres a few of the attempts where i got close. i hope you enjoy watching me struggle. next time hopefully someone will be there to kill me

celtek ams @ mammoth

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We now have a Variety Pack fan page on the book so LIKE IT by clicking there or HERE or this link:

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whats with all the commotion?

our homies over at snowrev are putting together a movie this year called Commotion. heres the first teaser, and it looks pretty goddamn awesome if you ask me. for more go to

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

milly tubes

theres still tons of snow to be ridden around these parts. supposedly a couple feet on the way as well? me, sean, scott, bogart, brisse, and lucey had a little tube session the other day and lucey just dropped this firey little edit. check it out

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